Monday, June 16, 2008

A New Smile for May

Big news today around our house! That tooth of May's that has been wiggling for 11 months is now OUT! YIPPEEEEEEEE!!! This is her first tooth to come out naturally, without being extracted by Dr. Adam. She had been fussing with it on the weekend. So, I told her that if she could get it out by Wednesday, I would match whatever the Tooth Fairy brings to her for it. Well, she was DETERMINED. She had me help her look up wiggle methods on the Internet (a wet washcloth used for better leverage and grip in wiggling was a good tip). Then, I looked on YouTube for video clips of kids (and their parents and siblings) pulling baby teeth out. As she watched the videos, I wiggled on her tooth. She did not pull away (for once) and sat transfixed watching YouTube. I told her that we should video her loose tooth, and I sent her for a flashlight to improve the lighting of same. She came RUNNING back into the room, yelling, "It came OUT!! It came OUT!! My tooth is OUT!!!!!" The JOY on her face was just wonderful!
She called several people and shared her big news. She kept getting answering machines, but was THRILLED when she got returned calls.

All day long (I worked at home today) she came to me and simply smiled at me. She normally falls asleep immediately and sleeps soundly through the night. But, tonight she came out of her bed and visited me for excited chatting MANY times. LOL! I just love this girl of mine. She is such a great kid!

I wonder what the Tooth Fairy will bring, and what I will have to match?? I told her that when I was a kid, it was one shiny quarter (and more likely, a dime!). She is laughing me off. We will see.

Here is May's new smile and her tooth in Chris' palm:

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