Saturday, June 21, 2008

The best day EVER!

"The best day EVER!" That is how May (nearly 8) described our day yesterday. Which just goes to prove that you do NOT need to spend a lot of money, buy toys, go to classes or camps, do anything involving electricity or batteries, or take big trips to create SUMMER FUN in your children's lives. :-)

We started the day off with early morning baths for the girls and myself. This was kind of weird to me (I am a morning shower kinda gal), but nice. Then, we piled in the car and drove to south Denver and had fun at the carnival at CCAI (the agency we used to adopt May in 2001). There were bounce houses, lots of games where the kids could win toys and candy, nachos and popcorn and lemonade, and the EVER popular fishing game (magnetic fish, caught with pole and line with magnet attached). The crowd was very light this year, and the weather was not as hot as years past. So, it was really nice!

Let alone seeing friends there that we miss soooooo much.

Janie stuck pretty close to Mom and Dad, and did experience some overloaded moments where she needed a snuggling break. Events like this are hard for a shy person! Both May and Irene were happy to run freely in this safe and familiar environment and play!
After about 4 hours at the carnival, we drove back closer to home and got May some much-needed new shoes (this girl is GROWING!). Then, we headed home to relax a little, gather a simple picnic dinner, and head back out to a park for a concert.

The guy who played the music was a one man band, and he played various percussion (drums, tamborine, etc.) and guitar, and sang. He was pretty good. We had fun listening, dancing and relaxing on blankets while we enjoyed our picnic from home. Then, the girls spied a man who was making balloon animals. He was close to where we were sitting, so the three of them ran off to wait in line for balloon animals. But, they kept getting OUT of line and playing at the little playground nearby, and so Chris went to stand with them in order for them to have any hope of actually reaching the front of the line and getting a turn! LOL!

That balloon guy (he refused to take any money from the many MANY kids and parents in line!) was AMAZING! He was the hardest working guy in the park! He was fast, talented, funny, and kind. The HAPPY looks on the kids' faces as each left with an amazing balloon animal were PRICELESS. I sat and watched for quite a while. I need to find out if this guy is an affordable option for my daughters' birthday parties in the future. He was AMAZING.

May (nearly 8) got an octopus. Irene (5 and a half) got a yellow cat. Janie (4 and 9 months) got a pink cat. They were thrilled!

There was a big, gray cloud above us for a while. I shook my finger at it and warned it not to rain on us! LOL! I told it, "You better do what Mama says!" The two little toddlers sitting near us got a big kick out of that and laughed. But, the cloud listened and some BIG white clouds replaced it. They were very beautiful!

There was a man sitting behind us who looked strikingly like my Daddy did about 20 years ago! I just had to take his picture. Then, he looked right at me when I took a second one. Oops. Busted! The pictures I am posting do not truly cature his Daddy-ness. Hope he is not in the Witness Protection Program or anything. ha!

After the park concert was finished, we headed back home and I made root beer floats for everyone. Yum!

I agree with May that it was the best day EVER. Well, at least one of the best. :-)

Here is a sampling of photos from the day (May has a light blue shirt and a green skirt, Irene has a blue shirt that says "happy" and a jeans/pink skirt and Jane has a pink shirt and a dark pink skirt - be sure to note how long Irene's hair is getting! Yippee!):

That was the carnival. And, here are a few from the park concert:


May said...

I like your blog mommy love May

Linda said...

What neat pictures! Now I wish that we had gone!! CCAI did our home study for our out-of-state adoption, and we received the invitation, but at the time the information came, I had just lost one of my larger accounts, and it just seemed too expensive. Didn't it cost several hundred dollars? (Maybe I read that wrong. -?) Anyway, we have so many friends who have gone through CCAI that it would have been fun to get together and see everyone and their cute kiddos!

Holly said...

Hi Linda- I hope you'll see this. I never know if people check back in on the comments. The CCAI carnival on Friday was free! That was what we went to. The "Reunion" (it is a picnic) was on Saturday, and there is a fee for that. It is a fund-raiser for the APC and so it is not cheap. But, you get a t-shirt. :-) LOL! We did not go to that this year. Not even to sneak in without paying, which is what many people do. I heard attendance was really low this year. Which is sad. With hope, after the Olympics are over, maybe the CCAA will change the rules for adopting from China and things will pick back up. On a more personal note - I was SO HAPPY to hear you and your family were safe after the big storm a month ago. Love, Holly

May said...

Mommy I like your title The best day EVER!" LOVE MAY