Thursday, April 24, 2008


Maybe that is not the best term for it. I mean ... seeds planted in plastic cups are hardly in Earth, right?

I got a good look at the little girls' bean seeds today, as Irene went to check on them and dropped the cups on the floor (master bedroom - remember?).

They are definitely growing.

Irene got to use two kinds of vacuum cleaners today, replace soil on the top of the seeds, and water the two cups.

Life goes on.

And, in May Land ... I am coordinating the basket for May's second grade class to raffle off at the school carnival in early May. Our class theme is Puzzle Crazy. I took a 24 piece puzzle apart and gave each of the kids one piece. I asked them to bring their piece back, along with a puzzle for the raffle basket. I went to class today to clear out the big box I had placed there, and BOY was I surprised to find it FILLED with all types of puzzles!! I asked them to think outside the "jigsaw box" and bring all types of puzzles. They did! Puzzle books, Sudoku, Legos, Bionicles, wooden puzzles, word searches, and jigsaws!

I am going to need a BIG basket to put these in. I am leaning toward a plastic bin.

Speaking of which, I am REALLY close to getting to clear off the kitchen desk! I only have about 50 more envelopes to stuff and seal and mail. Yippeeee!

Nighty night.

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