Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Track - Meet #1

I know you are all wondering, "How are the plants??" (I know you live for this!) They are amazing. I would bet that it I had the time or patience to sit and watch them ... I would SEE them grow.

This evening was the first Meet for May (7 years old, second grade) in this season's Spring Track. It was held at the new middle school, which is the old high school. The track is so nice! The bleachers provide plenty of room! We all had a blast! May ran GREAT and was the first finisher for her school (all the schools of the district run together - including charter schools and private schools that want to participate). She is dressed ina gray shirt and pink pants in the photos. Chris coaches. The little girls (Jane, 4, and Irene, 5) had a grand time playing in the bleachers. Irene is DYING to run in a race. She will be eligible in the fall (Cross Country) when she is in Kindergarten.
If I get these photos in order, you will see May lining up to race (on the left side), running in the race, having a post-race snack, running to me in the stands, and showing me her ribbon (she is MARVELOUS, isn't she?). I will also post a few of the little girls having their fun at big sister's race. Look at these three faces. Am I the luckiest mom on the planet, or what? Oh yes - I am.

There are many races, and we are there for about an hour and a half. The weather was perfect! Sunny and cool. I got chilly feet (sandals) and the little girls got frozen hands. It is all good! Life. I very much enjoyed sitting near May's first grade teacher, Mrs. Johnson, who is also a neighbor of ours, and Patti - a mom from down our street. I wish we all had more time to spend together. I would love to know them better. But, time is precious to busy moms (let alone busy moms who have just started real estate companies - that would be me). Sigh. I never feel present in the moment. Mind always miles away. Plotting. Planning. I hope not to miss too much of ... Now.

"The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. Any fool can do it. There aint nothing to it. ... Since we're on our way down, we might as well enjoy the ride. The secret of love is in opening up your heart. It's OK to feel afraid, but don't let it stand in your way. Cause everyone knows that Love is the only road. Since we're only here for a while, we might as well show some style. .... Isn't it a lovely ride? .... It's just a lovely ride." - James Taylor

It is a lovely ride.

I was just pondering with my younger sister that it seems to be harder to make friends here. People are nice. Life is good. But, tight and real bonds with comfy friends are few. Age? Era? Life. Thankfully, I am blessed with 3 built-in friends who are called by the name of "sister." Real sisters. Like my girls are to each other. May they each grow up to treasure the sisters they have.

I just love that photo of May with her ribbon. She is VERY proud of coming in as the first from her school in her race. Did you SEE how much TALLER all the kids in her race are than she is? She is small, but mighty.

Hey - I am kind of getting the hang of this blog thing, aren't I?

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