Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jack or Giant? Cat Show. Pop Pop

OMG. From the looks of the plants, I should be expecting either Jack or Giant any moment now. Holy Moley. Those plants are growing! Can't wait to get them into the ground in 2 weeks or so.

We went with Aunt Debby (my baby sister) to the cat show this afternoon. May SO wanted to bring her two cats. LOL! I told her that these cats were professionals. Like cat models. Hee! We had fun, but the patience of three little ones ran out a little sooner than I would have liked. A surprising number of the cat showing people allowed my girls to stroke their fancy cats. I fell absolutely in LOVE with a BIG (B-I-G) orange Maine Coone named James. That cat was HUGE. What a lover.

Then, I took the girls to "Pop Pop's Special Place" which is the memorial site for my Daddy (Pop Pop to my kids). It is in a beautiful cemetary with lots of pine trees and long history (well, long for Colorado!). We spent a long, lingering visit. There was a Widow-Maker (large branch fallen from a tree) that the girls enjoyed moving around, and plucking smaller branches off of. The weather was lovely. It is so peaceful and calm there. Like a walk in the woods. We gathered pinecones to make a wreath. I sat on a bench near the wall where my father's physical remains are kept, and I noticed empty peanut shells at my feet. He loved to eat peanuts when watching TV when we were kids. I got the biggest warm feeling by having my feet surrounded by peanut shells at his graveside. Someone has left a birdfeeder on the ground behind the bench. That is probably where the peanuts were - put out for squirrels. No telling. There are many mysteries to this place. I sure do miss my dad. May took some quiet time on another bench in the sun. When we left, she and I shared a big hug and some tears in the car. She is old enough to have reall memories of Pop Pop for herself. Janie has some, but not as many as May. Irene only knows that she missed knowing her Pop Pop. She is very aware of him and can already tell stories of him (she has been speaking English for 7 months now!).

Driving out, I took my time and took photos of some places that caught my eye. This cemetary is truly beautiful. It is the perfect place for the living to go and find peace.

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nanchang said...

Somewhere in life we must be related. I didn't know anyone else took pictures in a cemetery!