Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Puzzle poster. Plants taking over.

The plants (did I ever tell you that they are yellow squash, carrots, and green beans? Oh yeah. You know that, if you read the packages that the girls held up when we planted these 9 days ago) have shot the roof off their greenhouse. OK. That is a slight overstatement. But, some of them are touching the lid (one plant broke his fool head right off) and so I have removed it. Now I must remember to water them more frequently. I don't think I will post more photos of them until they are outside in the garden. I can hear you cheering from here. LOL! ;-)

I gathered the puzzle pieces from May's class today. Out of the 24 I handed out, encouraging each child to be part of the team and contribute to the project, I got back a very high percentage of them. I am super pleased with their efforts and I really hope to see many of them at the school carnival on Friday night.

"Hope to see many of them." That always makes me laugh. Like -- do I hope to see certain ones, but would rather NOT see others of the kids? Maybe I should say I hope to see a high percentage of the class attend the carnival. Hee!

I spent my evening creating a poster for the raffle basket (Puzzle Crazy). It is meant for a little girl's room, and features two Disney Princesses puzzles, glued to thick poster foamboard, and surrounded by tissue paper (wads?) and purple ribbon as a frame. It turned out really cute, if I do say so myself. Here is a picture of it. Please excuse the glare.

I will put the "basket" together tomorrow and get it all set up for The PTA Moms to do their thing. All the puzzles will be in a clear plastic storage box and presented with great flair and flourish (how do you spell that and is there spellcheck on Blogger??) so as to entice many raffle ticket purchases. I figure that whoever wins them needs a place to store them, right? The kids did a GREAT job "thinking outside the jigsaw box" with regard to puzzles. They included puzzle books, Soduku books, wooden puzzle ball, Rubix Cube, Bionicles, Legos sets, and a triangle peg jumping puzzle (OK - Chris made that, at my bidding). There are also jigsaws -- 8 of them. It is going to be a great "basket."

OH - back to the Disney Princesses. I love Cinderella. Have since I was a kid. She is the only princess who chose her man. He did not steal her away, buy her, enslave her, awaken her with an uninvited kiss, or otherwise kidnap her. She didn't HAVE TO take that glass slipper out of her pocket. She could have said, "Um. No. He's not the guy for me. Thank you." But, she decided he was The One. Nice.

What is not too nice is that Disney took what were once stories in Public Domain. Free for everyone to enjoy. Loved by millions. And they turned the Princesses into a Company. Disney pimps the Princesses for a Buck. Sad. Sad. I have some books that feature the princesses when they were free women, before Disney stole them away without even a kiss. Sigh.

Girls and women ... take care ... think long and hard before you give your glass slipper away.

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nanchang said...

You are so right about the princesses! I am typing without my glasses so can't check my spelling. When Grace first got here, I planned to steer her away from all the princesses, as I felt the way they were publicized and their stories were difficult (children orphaned, mean step mothers). Boy that didn't last even the first month! She wanted to be a princess on her first Halloween!