Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bad, Bad Blogger

Hello, my name is Holly.

I am a Bad Blogger.

Maybe that should be, "I am poor at maintaining anything of interest on my blog."


My dear DEAR third sister's birthday was in March, and I did not post.

Easter flew by, with all the egg dying and hunting and bunny basket making, and I did not post.

May was "the lead" in her second grade musical, and I did not post.

The girls have scootered outside, and I did not post.

They have played in snow, and I did not post.

We had a party for Chris' birthday, and I did not post. (OK - that was just last night. But, still.)

I have a new business and I am busy beating the trees, rain making, prospecting, etc. That and my children are my priorities. Blogging does not even enter my mind.

Maybe I need to set a goal? I am a great goal attainer!! I have thought of blogging daily for 30 days. The posts would not have to be long, would they?

I still worry about being too public here. But, I read the blogs of friends and they are so open that they quite nearly post their addresses and social security numbers. OK, maybe not THAT openly, but they do post their last names, the city where they live, etc. Is this safe these days? THESE days??

I am a very public person in so many ways. I am one to "get involved." So, why so illusive on my blog?? I am thinking.

Maybe I will post every day for 30 days.

Stay tuned.

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