Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Skippy the nutty dog

One of the school moms when I went to pick May up on Friday, August 29, (Jane was with me and Irene took the bus home) had her two little dogs with her. I commented that they were cute and she said “Want one?” I laughed and asked what they had DONE. LOL!! She said she was serious and that she had gotten the dog the day before, and her husband had okayed it; But, then the next day he decided he didn’t want to have two dogs, and they didn’t want the pee circles in the grass that girls dogs leave (BTW – the dog is a BOY!). I asked if the dog was house trained and she said it never peed in her house. The dog was soooooooooooo cute. But, I did not have Chris’ OK or Cosmos’ OK! So, I asked her if I could take the dog till Tuesday (Monday was Labor Day holiday). She agreed!

I leaned over and picked up the little dog … and fell in love. He is the sweetest thing!! The girls ADORE him. And, Chris has been won over, too. Cos (our Australian Cattle Dog - World's BEST Kid Dog!) likes him now (a little jealousy at first, but they are buddies now and love running the backyard and tearing through the house together). The two cats were VERY cautious at first, but now they consider Skippy one of them. LOL! Snuggle (big orange tabby cat) outweighs him by 15 pounds! Skippy is 5 lbs and Snug is just under 20 lbs. That cat is GIANT.

Every time I sit down, Skippy wants to be on my lap. Everyone calls him Mama’s Boy and they say he loves me best (it is true).

He makes me feel so good. This is weird to say … but … he makes me feel hopeful.

He is supposed to be a mix of Rat Terrier and Chihuahua, but from what I am seeing on-line about Rat Terriers, he seems to be a Rat Terrier and maybe even a toy or miniature. He is supposed to be 3 months old and has had his first series of shots.

He is very much a puppy and will seek out various things to chew on (my old ratty slippers are a favorite). He takes things (toys, shoes, pieces of paper, crayons) and RUNS through the house with the stolen item in his mouth. It is too funny and cute! He has not destroyed anything of value or any prized possessions yet. He likes the BIG rawhide bones that we have for Cosmos, and Skippy will come STEAL one right out of Cos’ mouth and GROWL at Cos if he tries to take it back. Too funny. Even when there are two bones out, Skippy wants both. Cos is VERY patient with Skippy.

He is a smart little guy, too. He already knows several tricks and commands. He is going to be a great dog. He already is an adorable puppy! How fortunate we are that he came to our lives!


nanchang said...

Too cute! I hope he never grows into those ears. He is so cute that size. I keep thinking we need dogs that will behave! But once I said they were "adopted" they are here forever!

May said...

Dear mommy I love skippie a lot!LOVE MAY

May said...

Dear mommy skippie is so very cute. I love him a lot. LOVE MAY

May said...

Dear mommy I realy love your blog! LOVE MAY