Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall Cross Country Meet #1

Irene had her first race tonight and (in her words) "I did not win a gold medal, but I try my best and I finished!" YIPPEEEEEE!! She did GREAT!! I think her race was half a mile. She finished mid pack! She got a ribbon and was THRILLED!

May went all out and ran the mile-and-a-half!! She could have chosen the mile. She did a WONDERFUL job and also finished mid pack! She got a ribbon and should feel very proud for doing GREAT in such a long race!! WA-HOOOOOOOOO!!!

See if you can pick them out in some of these shots. Clues: May has her hair down and has yellow shorts and a gray shirt. Irene has her hair up, gray shirt and navy shorts that you can't really see much because her shirt is so long. She has really straight upper body posture.

Chris is the tall dude with the knee brace. :-)

When I was really little, my Daddy called me Halfback because of the way I ran. Take a look at the shot of Irene playing with her friends. I think I will nickname her Wide Receiver. LOL!

I love running club!!

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nanchang said...

Woo! Hoo! That is great! The last time I ran like that was when someone invited me for ice cream!