Saturday, September 13, 2008


Janie came to us as a VERY thin 2 year old. I have spent HUGE effort in the past nearly 3 years in putting some meat on her bones. She is HEALTHY, but she is delicate. One of her doctors put a "Failure to Thrive" label on her about 18 months ago. Her primary doctor disagreed, and wrote a rebutal letter to that other doctor. We love her (the primary doctor)! The primary doctor clearly saw Janie and saw her progress. Yes, she is thin. But, who knows what her genetic background is? She could come from tall and thin biological family members! In fact, she surely must! She is active and healthy and gaining weight at her own pace. She has the body of a ballerina.

For ages, I have told Janie that I would like to dress her up like a ballerina and take pictures of her. A Friday would be best, as she is off school that day. But, there always seems to be a list of other things that take priority. Until yesterday! Jane and I played with ballerina dress-up, and took lots and lots of cute pictures. When Irene got home from school (she loves riding the school bus!) she wanted to join the fun, too. Then, after May's play date with her friend Cheyanne (sic - sic means the "misspelling" is correct :-) she wanted to dress up as a ballerina, too.

I had a lot of fun with this, and especially loved putting their hair in buns! It was surprisingly easy! I used to beg my mom for a bun when I was little. Even with the CLOUD of AquaNet hairspray! LOL!

Here are the three of them together. I will post separate posts that feature each girl alone. Aren't they adorable? I love my daughters.


nanchang said...

Anyone who cannot see that Janie is thriving must be blind. You can see from these pictures that she loves life, loves her sisters, and loves her wonderful Momma and Bobba. Glad you have a better doctor for her. How irresponsible of that doc!

Doug and Terrye said...

How beautiful! They look as if they have been dancing for years :)
We have a little one that doesn't gain weight either, but she is happy and active. Thankfully we have an understanding may be time for you to look for a different DR. Hurrah for your her primary doctor...evidently that's a woman with a brain as big as her heart.

Terrye in FL

Debby said...

I LOVE the pics of all the girls in their ballet outfits...what stunning Holiday cards they would make this year!!

mom to Lindsi & Jami