Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Final Meet - Fall Cross Country

Tonight was the final meet for the fall cross country season for running club. Both May and Irene ran hard and finished with pink cheeks. It was chilly out! They got metals and were THRILLED! It was so great to see the kids all running and all the families out to yell and cheer! I really enjoy running club SO much!

Everyone asks Janie if she wll be in running club next year, when she is in Kindergarten (the first year kids are eligible to participate). She calmly responds, "No." You gotta love a girl who knows herself! LOL!

Right before the races started, they announced that the girls who were to sing The Star Spangled Banner had decided not to sing. I was a HAIR away from standing up and heading to the announcing booth and volunteering to sing it myself. I can sing it really well (if I do say so myself). The trick to it (besides knowing ALL the words, people!) is to start off the song on a note that is 3 notes higher than the lowest note you can sing ON-KEY (people).

When we got home, I told May I had nearly sung it. She said, "You know how to sing The Star Spangled Banner, Mama?? Then, SING IT!" I sang it out in my kitchen, and got teary-eyed (and slightly and chokingly off key) at my traditional point (" ... oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave ...). May, Irene and Jane LOVED my singing and asked me to sing it again. I told May there was a trick to NOT choking up. You had to sing it without paying attention t0 the words. So, I sang it again and while I was singing, I read the school papers she had brought home from her day. LOL! She was amazed! LOL! The girls had me sing it AT LEAST another 8-10 times. I had to explain the entire lyrics to them. Repeatedly. It was pretty cool.

My three daughters, born in China and now American citizens, went to bed singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Pretty cool.

I am so proud of my girls in every way! They ran hard in cross country this fall! I cannot wait to see them in spring track!!

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