Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Janie!!

Yesterday was Jane's 5th birthday! Wow. She is getting to be such a grown-up girl. She is such a YUMMY! I adore our youngest daughter. I am so fortunate that she is mine. Lucky me!

I now have TWO five year old daughters (until December 1). Must remember to take my vitamins!! haha

She decided to wear her Happy Birthday crown from last year, even though it has been broken and taped back together with packaging tape! Jane really likes familiar things. She took Mother's Frosted Animal Cookies to school to share with her classmates at snack time. They gathered in a cake (circle) and she chose 5 kids to stand in the center of the cake (circle) to be her candles. They sang "Happy Birthday" to her and she blew out the "candles." It was adorable! They enjoyed the cookies and then one of the teacher assistants read them a book about a stinky bear. Cute!

I love the photo of Jane with her teacher. She is a GREAT teacher. I never know if I should name people's names in this blog.

When it was time for dinner, Janie chose pizza. Chris and the girls made two pizzas while I rested my knee. Dinnertime was a BUZZ of pizza, gifts, and cake! The purple frosting made our tongues look very interesting! Janie loved all her gifts, and went especially crazy for the play laptop computer!

When she told me a while ago that she wanted a LAPTOP for her birthday, I knew I would have to disappoint her. When she amended that to a PLAY laptop, I gained hope. I swear this was the best $20 I ever spent at Wal-Mart! As you will see from the pictures, she gasped with delight at opening it, played with it before it was even out of the box, played with it while wearing MY reading glasses, and even took it to bed with her. LOL! It has 30 features and games, and holds the attention of all 3 girls. Many of the features (letter recognition, number order, etc.) are things they all already know. But, there are many things that will keep their focus for quite a while to come. Janie LOVES things that play music, phones, and computers. She is VERY good on computers and has perfect pitch when singing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweet Janie!!


Karrie said...

What a CUTIE your little Jane is!!!!!

Karrie in IN

Marcie said...

Holly, you have beautiful daughters!!
-Marcie (Jerri's neice)