Sunday, July 6, 2008

Longhorn Cattle Drive

Every year at this time, there are several local rodeos. One of them kicks off the celebration by driving a herd of longhorn cattle down a street downtown! IT IS TOO FUN! We have gone the last 5 years. They normally do not advertise it, and it surprises the people who happen to be nearby. Very fun! This year, they made it a little better known, and there were a lot more people there to see it.

It is hard to describe a cattle drive to a daughter who has only heard English for 11 months! LOL! She has seen some crazy things since joining our family! I told her it was a parade with cattle. hee!

Here are some of the things worth seeing from the day. We took Grandma with us. She seems to be feeling good these days! There was a little vehicle that was supposed to be a toaster with giant bread on top. Cute! I love the picture with the steer in the center who appears to be turned toward my camera with a smile on it's face. LOL! :-) There were soooooo many young calves this time. And, it was THE shortest cattle drive ever! One time when I was showing country acreage properties to Buyers in Elizabeth, Colorado, we were passed by a real cattle drive. There were TONS of cattle in that and it took them about 15 minutes to pass us. I loved it! The cattle drive downtown was over in moments. I tried not to blink, for fear of missing it! Still ... FUN!!

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