Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Frog on a Blog

So. Yesterday, May and Irene were playing in the backyard and eating frozen goodies. Irene got the bright idea that the empty wrappers and wooden sticks should be dropped into a window well (yes, our wells are uncovered - we live dangerously around here). May, The Policeman, came running inside to report the offense to Mom (Chief of Police). I told Irene that she needed to fish the trash out of the window well, and that Daddy would help. :-)

While they were down there, they discovered a small frog. Chris (Daddy) rescued it out of the window well and May then took charge of it. She was DELIGHTED! An empty peanutbutter jar was fetched and a small amount of water was added to it. Plop! The frog was added to the jar.

The girls brought the frog to me in my office and I fell in love (not the first time I have fallen for a Frog, mind you). He was just so ... cute!

I asked Chris if we might keep him. The girls added, in chorus ... "Please, Daddy, PLEASE!!"

He said yes, and they all hugged him! It was a picture that will live in my memory for a long time.

I asked them what te frog's name was. (I was thinking something like Kermit or Keroppi). They agreed on Michael. OK. Michael, it is. (You know, it kind of suits him.)

May and I went to Wal-Mart and got a cheap and basic 10-gallon aquarium glass for Michael's new home. We gathered a long log from the woods near our home. I taught her how to select a good log that was not dry-rotted or eaten through by bugs. We brought our treasures home, and Chris added the rocks in the bottom, made two reasonably sized logs from our long one, added a small container of water and an overturned bowl for a hidding place, and fashioned a cover (complete with a light from his fish supplies). WAH-LA! A new home for Michael.

Chris encouraged Michael to leave his happy home in the peanutbutter jar and try out his new home. He liked it!

May and Irene ran outside and gathered a bunch of (what I call grasshoppers, but I am told they may include crickets - how do you tell the difference??) for Michael to eat.

It was FUN to watch him snap them up and eat them! He seemed very happy.

Throughout the evening, Michael enjoyed his peaceful new home, and many visits were made by May, Jane and Irene (as well as Chris and myself, and the occasional cat) to peek in on Michael.

This morning, May got him out "to pet him" and he peed on her hand. LOL! She placed him in his water pond and went to wash her hands with soap (as is the rule after any of the girls touch him).

He is just so danged CUTE. The pictures don't do him justice.


Holly said...

OK, people. You can stop telling me that Michael is a TOAD and not a FROG. :-) Sheesh. You are so accurate and precise! I'll bet you call your Kleenex "facial tissue."

The one with a Toad on a Blog (but, I am still going to call him a frog. And, I call my tissues Kleenex, too. Hee!)

nanchang said...

He looks like a frog to this city girl! Only you would find beauty in a frog! The girls are too cute checking on their new friend. I think Michael is a perfect name.