Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wildfire update

Chris has his Blackberry with him and is able to make limited/short cell phone calls and communicate via SHORT emails. The girls do MUCH better when he calls them before they go to bed and they each get some Daddy Time. Very cool.

He says things are going well at the fires and a new crew comes in today. He helped yesterday with the comunications regarding medical evacuation of a Hotshot who sliced his toe nearly off. Ouch. He also said that there had to be some evacuations of homes dues to a new fire.

Here is an update from this morning:

Last updated: Thu, 7/10/08 10:15AM

Acres: 25,019 acres
Resources: 1,231 personnel
Containment: 57%
Resources: 28 crews
5 helicopters
67 engines
13 dozers
18 water tenders

Pacific Northwest National Incident Management Team 3 assumed the management of the Canyon Complex at 6 a.m. Thursday, July 10, 2008.

Yesterday's Activities: Firefighters made significant progress constructing containment lines around the Friend-Darnell Fire northeast of Lake Oroville. A spot fire was contained on the north side of the 2,877 acre blaze. It is 0 percent contained. The Belden Fire, northwest of Bucks Lake Wilderness, was held between Indian and Chips Creeks. It is 459 acres and 50 percent contained. Precautionary and advisory evacuations for the community of Belden remain in effect. Crews on the Frey Fire contained two spot fires on the southwest corner. It is 2,912 acres and 43 percent contained. Yesterday, extreme fire behavior on the Scotch Fire produced a large smoke column. The Little, Scotch, Bear and Fox fires are being patrolled due to limited resources. Lines continue to hold on the Cold Fire, which is 95 percent contained.

Weather and Fire Behavior: A red flag warning for dangerous fire activity remains in effect through Friday morning. The Friend-Darnel, South and Frey fires retain potential for significant fire spread. Winds will continue from the west, with temperatures above 96 degrees and humidity around 17 percent. For local air quality conditions, visit or, for Butte County,

Today's Planned Actions: Line construction and structure protection continue on the north and south perimeters of the Friend-Darnell Fire. Frey Fire crews continue strengthening fire lines on the north side by burning them out while patrolling line on the south side. Patrol and mop-up will take place on the South Fire. The Scotch, Little, Bear and Belden Fires will be patrolled while awaiting more resources.

Restrictions: Highway 70 remains closed to the public from Highway 70/89 Greenville Y to Yankee Hill Road, but is open to residents from the junction of Greenville Y to the Indian Creek Junction west of Belden. Call CalTrans for road information at 1-800-427-7623.

Private businesses and resorts in forest communities, including facilities around Bucks Lake, are open. Forest closures remain in effect to protect visitors in areas of active fire.

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is closed from the Plumas National Forest northern boundary to the LaPorte-Quincy Highway (to the northeast of Little Grass Valley Reservoir). For additional information please visit

Also closed is Forest Road 22N94 at its intersections with 22N27 (west of Little Grass Valley Reservoir). This area closure covers public land, including trails, bounded by (1) the North and Middle Forks of the Feather River toward the PCT, the Bucks Lake Wilderness; and (2) areas surrounding the Cold Fire in eastern Plumas County. Specific campground closures include: Milsap Bar, Little North Fork, Rogers Cow Camp, Feather Falls and Hartman Bar. The forest website – has additional information. Wood cutting and fire restrictions are still in place across the entire Plumas National Forest.
End of official update, and back to Holly yacking. I just have to say again ... Rogers Cow Camp. Sounds like a Farside comic. LOL! Remember the one where the (was it a deer or a cow?) stood up next to his buddy and the buddy said "Bummer of a birthmark" when he saw a big target on the other (deer's? cow's?) belly? LOL!

There is a GREAT website that gives a comprehensive overview of the wildfires in California:

The area where Chris is serving is called the Canyon Complex:

He is specifically located just northwest of the little city of Quincy, CA.

Whoever runs the Yubanet site is doing a great job!

More as I know more.

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