Monday, July 14, 2008

Chris update

Chris is still able to call me one or two times a day. He says things are jumpin' there from 5:30am to 10:30pm. Busy busy. This morning, he called me and asked me if I got a reverse 911 call about a lion (yes, an African lion and not our normal mountain lions) that was on the loose not too far from our house. No, I didn't. When I looked into it more, it is actually more like 7-10 miles from our house. So, we are too far away to get the 911 call warning us to stay inside and keep our kids and animals inside.

There is a wild cat sanctuary out there that has over 100 wild cats. They say they are not missing any lions, but where else could it have come from?? The zoo is FAR FAR away and they are not missing a lion. I would not put it past any of the more independent thinking folks out here in the country to have a lion. But, who knows? At any rate, it was fun to listen to the scanner and hear all the county sheriff and state wildlife people chasing around trying to find the lion. They had two separate calls from people who had seen the lion.

What a great natural habitat we have to offer to this lion! Expansive grasslands. Small ponds. Plenty of antelope (we see them EVERY time we go anywhere around our home. There used to be 4 living in a field about a 5 minute walk from our house. But, lately I only see one.

Maybe the lion had gotten closer than we think? hahahahahaha

I heard on the scanner that a "professional archer" was coming in from Raton, New Mexico. Very interesting. I wonder if THAT will make the print/TV news media??

As to the fires in California, where Chris is serving, here is the latest update:

Canyon Complex Fire

Acres burned: 30,812
Percent contained: 60
Personnel: 1,538
Structures Lost: 1

Pacific Northwest National Incident Management Team 3 assumed the management of the Canyon Complex at 6 a.m. Thursday, July 10, 2008.

Below are details on selected individual fires in the Canyon Complex:

Priority fires have been established in the following order:
Friend-Darnell-3,842 acres and 60% contained;
South-Frey-11,591 acres and 55%;
Scotch-4,645 acres and 5%;
Belden-478 acres;
Little-897 acres and 30% contained.

The Canyon Complex is now reporting a total of 41 fires; the Butte Complex is reporting acreage for the Belden Fire. Fires contained-22, of which 3 are staffed and the remaining are air patrolled;

Uncontained- 8, of which 7 are staffed; UTL-11.

Yesterday's Activities:
Friend-Darnell Fire: Good progress was achieved over the last 24 hours. Less active fire behavior was observed; as a result, evacuees were able to return home in Milsap Bar, Berry and Brush Creek. Despite moderating weather patterns fire danger remains extreme.
South-Frey Fire: In slight contrast, active fire spread was occurring late in the day due to heavy fuel loadings, steep slopes, and fuel moistures typical of late August. Line construction was completed on the southeastern end of the fire.
Scotch Fire: Firefighters concentrated their efforts on locating fireline and continuing construction. This effort was difficult due to steep terrain, limited accessibility and resources.
Little, Bear and Fox Fires: These wildfires continue to burn, however, fire growth slowed today on account of less severe weather. Firefighters patrolled existing containment lines. On the Little Fire, crews worked to locate placement of fire line on roads above Little North Fork and Feather River.
Belden Fire: Crews monitored existing line and continued to mop up in the areas along Chips Creek.
Cold Fire: Successful patrol and mop-up operations occurred. This fire remains 95% contained.

Weather and Fire Behavior: Very warm and very dry conditions will continue throughout the week resulting from high pressure. During morning hours fire spread will be reduced. As temperatures warm and relative humidity decreases during the afternoon and evening hours, fire behavior and spread will increase. Fire activity will be slightly reduced due to smoke coverage which results in the inability for the sun to directly preheat fuels.

Today's Planned Actions:
Friend-Darnell Fire: Mop-up operations and securing unburned islands of fuel will be the focus of today's work shift. Crews will be working to suppress any hot spots located in close proximity to the line. During afternoon hours, increased fire behavior and rapid spread are possible due to warmer temperatures.
South-Frey Fire: Firefighters will continue to concentrate their efforts on the southeast corner, continuing to hold fire north of Frey Creek. New fireline will be constructed starting at Frey Creek working south and west to Feather River.
Burnout operations may occur along existing lines on the east side if conditions are favorable. On the southern portion line will be patrolled and mopped up with crews working to suppress hot spots adjacent to the line.
Belden Fire: Mop up will occur along Chips Creek. Air resources will be utilized if needed to keep the fire between Indian Creek and Chips Creek. If visibility is low, aircraft may not be utilized to minimize risks to pilots and firefighters.
Little and Scotch Fires: Firefighters will be constructing fireline and holding existing containment lines using existing road systems. On the Little Fire line will be placed above Little North Fork of Feather River. Crews will work to hold the Scotch Fire north of the 94 road and place fireline on the west side.
French/Bear, Four Mile, Rock, and Chico Fires will be patrolled and little fire spread is expected. On the French Bear, firefighters will work to construct line by connecting existing roads in order to increase containment.

Restrictions: Highway 70 is open to through traffic and will be escorted by a pilot car. From Grandview to Pulga Maintenance Station traffic is restricted to one way travel. Big Bend Road and Highways 89 and 70 at the Greenville "Y" are now open. As a reminder follow all traffic escorts and law enforcement directions as firefighter will be working to remove hazardous trees. For road formation call CalTrans at 1-800-427-7623 or visit . Residents with identification may access their homes in Milsap Bar, Brush and Berry Creek. Private businesses and resorts in forest communities, including facilities around Bucks Lake, are open. Forest closures remain in effect to protect visitors in areas of active fire.
The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is closed from the Plumas National Forest northern boundary to the LaPorte-Quincy Highway (to the northeast of Little Grass Valley Reservoir). For additional information please visit
Forest Road 22N94 is closed at its intersections with 22N27 (west of Little Grass Valley Reservoir). This area closure covers public land, including trails, bounded by (1) the North and Middle Forks of the Feather River toward the PCT, the Bucks Lake Wilderness; and (2) areas surrounding the Cold Fire in eastern Plumas County. Specific campground closures include: Milsap Bar, Little North Fork, Rogers Cow Camp, Feather Falls and Hartman Bar. Wood cutting and fire restrictions are still in place across the entire Plumas National Forest.

This Fire Update was produced by the Canyon Complex Information Center staffed by PNW Team 3 Incident Management Team.

End of update.

I think it is amazing that there are 41 fires in this complex and only 7 are being staffed. I think the coordination of this must be a thing of wonder! I am proud of Chris for being an important part of it!

Back to taming my three little lions.

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nanchang said...

Holly, you have been so kind and sweet taking care of me and I had no idea what you guys were going through. Wow! I am always so thankful there are people like Chris who WANT to take care of things like wildfires.