Thursday, May 8, 2008

Janie's Owie

So. I am in Sam's Club today, wheeling Jane (4) and Irene (5) through in a gigantic buggy, and getting some groceries.

Jane: Mama, I have an owie. (frowns and holds her gut)
Mom: Oh, Sweetie. What is it? Show me.
Jane: My skirt is giving my uterus an owie.
Mom: You KNOW I'm gonna blog that one.

I (of course) looked at her belly and found that the label for her skirt had slid around to the front and had irritated her skin. It was sewn on with very thin nylon (like fishing line) and I believe they must melt it to cut it. That little part scratches sensitive skin. I must remember to remove that tag.

Lest it continue to hurt Jane's uterus.


Anne said...


Oh my gosh! That is hilarious!!

mom to Thomas (L17)

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