Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Am ...

Thanks to Tiffany over at I offer up this:

I am: Holly. Woman. Mom. Wife. Friend. Real estate Broker.

I think: best at night when the house is still and quiet.

I know: things are as they should be in order to become what they must be.

I want: peace and security.

I hate: injustice, and disgusting table manners.

I miss: close friendships gone by.

I fear: bees and heights.

I feel: warm and soft with looming areas of dryness.

I hear: my two youngest daughters playing in the backyard, and the saltwater fish tank noises.

I smell: pretty good right now, and I also smell nothing but the boogers inside my stuffy nose.

I crave: peace and security.

I search for: peace and security. And Janie's Pink Buppie. Where COULD that thing be??

I regret: anything I did to hurt friendships and relationships that I value.

I love: firmly and forever.

I ache: for loss and pain felt by anyone.

I care: more than anyone knows.

I always: wish to do better than I actually do.

I am not: athletic in any way.

I believe: with all my heart.

I sing: better than most people, and I annoying let all the songs inside my head out on a regular basis and I sing with the car radio.

I cry: when anyone around me cries, when a child is hurt, and also when I am really happy or something touches my heart.

I fight: for those I love.

I win: most verbal arguments. But, I never wish to argue.

I lose: friendships that I highly value, and I cannot seem to win them back, and so I sadly move on.

I never: say “never.”

I listen: to my kids and really try to understand.

I can usually be found: when needed.

I am scared: to fail. To succeed. To not act. To act.

I need: peace and security.

I am happy about: small things. And happy I can see them.

I hope: to continue to ACTIVELY WORK toward peace and security for myself and my family.

Now, it is your turn to post your own answers on your blog. And, tell me where I can read your answers.

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bamboosprouts said...

Isn't this a good one? So glad you participated. :)