Monday, May 12, 2008

It is finished.

In 1998, we bought a new couch before we moved to Tokyo. I bought a bunch of yarn and set to work crocheting an afghan for this couch. I wanted to make it BIG so that two people could sit at opposite ends of the long couch and have their legs up and enjoy sharing the afghan.

Today -- it is finished.

Mind you, I did not work on it all the time during these 10 years! I put it aside for large chunks of time (years!).

This thing is HUGE! I have been HAULING IT to Chinese school for the last couple of skeins and it has been quite the topic of conversation. LOL!

Here it is, spread out on the NEW couch (the couch it was intended for is pretty worn and is now in the basement) and on our bed. That is my dear six-foot-tall husband who is dwarfed by this thing and hiding under it. It would easily cover a king-sized bed.

What was I thinking?

Oh well. Time to ENJOY it!

It is finished.

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bamboosprouts said...

I love that it is HUGE for two people to share! And not holey. If I had made it it would have been loose and holey and too small for sure. :)