Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy end of school year

"We’re fools whether we dance or not; so we might as well dance." - - Japanese Proverb

I'm dancing as fast as I can. I took some time yesterday and put all the notes, flyers, memos, emails, etc. that contained family member scheduling items into my main schedule -- and I got dizzy from it all. LOL! The last 2 or 3 weeks have held a lot for our family:

End of school for preschool (Jane and Irene). Two parties at preschool (Jane and Irene - mom went to one and dad went to the other). End of Chinese school (two parties there, too. This involved the whole family.) LandSharks Running Club end of Spring Track and final meet of the year (Chris as Coach and May as Runner, with Jane, Irene and Mom as cheerleaders/observers). All day fire fighting class for two days (Chris). All day Ethics class (Holly). Half day Orientation class (Holly). (Please ask me how many Orientation classes I have taken over the years! Every time I join or rejoin a REALTOR Association, I am required to take this class. They give you a lapel pin at the end of the class, with the REALTOR "R" on it. I rounded up all my pins and wore them ALL to the class. LOL! I have 5 (now I have 6). Appointments with clients (Chris and Holly - not together). IB (International Baccalaureate) night at school (May and Chris went, but Mom was heavily involved). Wax Museum night at school (May performed with our keyboard piano as Sarah McLachlan and the whole family attended). Kindergarten registration, orientation, preparation (Irene is the student, but Mom and Dad were most involved in this). ESL (English Second Language) testing prep, discussion, and preparation (Irene - but Mom was most involved. This will begin for Irene and Jane in the fall). IEP (Individual Education Plan) discussion (for Irene, but Mom did the stuff). Attachment Support Group (Holly). Final spelling test and last of the reading log (May, with involvement from Mom). Mother's Day stuff (Mom and everyone). Church nursery volunteering (Holly). Essay contest for "Be Kind to Animals" - sponsored by Gigi's in Manitou Springs (May wrote a great essay and the whole family went to deliver it to the shop. May won Third Prize!). Announcement of May's third prize showing in the contest (they announced it over the PA system at her school! Very cool! She also got to visit the shop and select $15 of free gifts. She chose a stuffed cat that looks like Cuddle and another that looks like Snuggle - her two cats.) Bike Rodeo at school (May participated and Chris volunteered). Field Day at school (May participated and Chris volunteered/attended as Dad). Extremely delayed hair cut and color appointment (Holly). Awards Ceremony (May - this is today, so I am not sure what she is being awarded. Stay tuned.) Volunteer breakfast at school (Chris and Holly are invited - one will go. This is tomorrow.) May's last half day of school (tomorrow! Mom will go to her party with her.)

There is more. But, you get the jist of it.


Did I mention helping real estate Buyers and Sellers?? That's my constant thing.

And, Chris seems to have morphed into a furniture refinishing guy lately. This is fine! Perhaps this side of his business will grow more? Cool!

ANYWAY -- our family is busy.

Look for future blog entries devolted to (at least) Field Day, Running Club, Preschool Parties, Chinese School, IB Night, Wax Museum Night, Award Ceremony, and more. :-)

Gotta run!

This is May at Field Day. Does this girl look like she is coming off the blocks, or what??! Very cool!

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Ginger said...

Holly you are so funny and I love you so much! I loved your comment on my blog I busted up laughing, anyway it's so fun to keep up with you and yes, dang those gas prices they are making summer fun next to impossible!!!!!!!!!