Friday, May 16, 2008

Janie will be a BIG SISTER!!!!!

Conversation with Janie yesterday:

Janie: I'm gonna be a BIG SISTER!! (jumping up and down with joy)
Mom: Um ... what makes you think that? (heart stuck in throat from fright)
Janie: I'm gonna eat a lot and GROW BIG!! Then, I will be a BIG sister!!
Mom: (laughing) Yes, you will. (sigh of relief)
Dad: That's one for the blog.

Did I scare you guys?

Several of the teachers and parents at school have asked me if we are going to China again this summer. NO! We are NOT. I told them that I have only gone to China to add children to my family. And, I am not ready to add more! (gasp) LOL!!

But, I have to tell you ... if Life somehow allows in the future ... those two sons of mine are still calling to my heart.

The way the rules are going with adoptions in China, though, I don't think it will happen. I want my children to have a shared birth heritage, and I cannot currently see a way where our LifeAndRecentComplications and China's rules can somehow come back together in time for us to add two more before I "age out" at 55.

BUT, I sure do love my 3 daughters. No matter if they are BIG sisters or LITTLE sisters. LOL!

Here are my two sweet little princesses playing and lovin' on each other.
And, their big sister, who is also my sweet princess. May was dressed up in a Chinese dress for IB Night at school Wednesday evening. (More about that later.) There was another girl (blonde, blue eyes) dressed in Chinese clothing. Figure the odds that two girls in the same school would show up in EXACT matching dresses!!??!! Too weird! I wonder if she got her dress at Sherry's in Guangzhou, too??

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