Thursday, January 31, 2008


The tree is DOWN! Yes, on Saturday I took the girls to Chinese school (72 miles away) and while we were gone, Chris folded the tree branches all down and boxed the sections up and took the whole she-bang to the basement. What a guy!

Did I mention he threw his back out the Sunday before that? (Riddle: How are a sock and Irene's rear end alike? Answer: They both throw Chris' back out. Explanation: Years ago, he threw his back out when leaning over to get a sock. Recently, he threw his back out when leaning over to help Irene wash her rear end.)

He says he took it slow, used a hand cart, and did not rush (it took him about 6 hours). I swear - it was a wonderful gift to me to come home and find the tree put away! Yippeeee!!

Thankfully, taking Christmas decorations down in late January appears to be within the range of normal where I live, as you will see from these two photos of one of our neighbor's homes:

I love that they still light outside lights on January 30! Fun!

There were three Christmas ornaments that I did not pack away. I just couldn't do it. Every year, I make dough ornaments with my daughter(s). This year, each of them made a handprint and painted and decorated it as they wished. They are so fun and beautiful. I want to hang them somehow so I can enjoy them all year. My nest has expanded by one precious girl this year. It is so amazing to have these three handprints and what they represent. I am one fortunate Mama. I will post a photo of them tomorrow. For now (nearly 1am - normal for me) I must get to bed. I take (RE-take, I passed it first in 1992) the state real estate Broker exam tomorrow morning. It is snowing, but the streets won't keep me from this next step on the way to my own company. I won't ask for prayers or good wishes. (But, I won't refuse any sent my way, either! LOL!) I have 100% faith that success is mine. :-) And, I am grateful, grateful, GRATEFUL!

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My2Blessings said...

Holly dearest,

Just wanted to say I hope your exam went well today and that I LOVE reading your blog. I too, decided to join my fellow bloggers in blogland. Mine is just getting off the ground, no photos posted yet :) Here's where you can find me.

Stop by when you have a minute and say hi! LOVE to all at your house, especially those 3 precious girls :)

Debbie Hard
also in CO
Mama to Luke and Josiah