Monday, January 7, 2008

January 7

This is my family in 1962. Look at my Dad. What a guy! Four daughters and still smiling! Hee!

Today is my Daddy's birthday. But, I no longer have his physical presence on this Earth. Still -- this date holds a huge significance to me and to all who love him.

Yes, this date carries a special weight to it.

I miss my Daddy every day. Some days, I am strong. And, I know that I owe that strength to my parents and all they showed to me in so many ways.

Some days, I am weak. And, I “just want my Daddy.” I know that many of you know this feeling, too.

On many of those low and needy moments, I often go to Daddy’s Bible. I have the Bible that he used from 1983 until his death in April of 2006. I look for guidance from the book, from my heavenly father, and from my Daddy.

Yesterday was one of those days. I have a habit of sort of closing my eyes, and letting his Bible fall open where it may. Yesterday, it fell to Mathew 7:7, which says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

That really hit me. What treasures and opportunities are ours at all moments! It matches very well with my own personal beliefs. If you ask for something … sure enough, it shows up! This can run both “good” and “bad.” What you seek, you will surely find. If you knock, doors/insight/knowledge/wealth/health/opportunity open up to you. All this is so true.

My small and limited human mind just drags when life drags, for whatever reason. When, really, I should take note of this verse and ASK! SEEK! And KNOCK!! Be open to all the good.

I swear when I read this, I could smell my Daddy. Some of you may laugh. And, perhaps it was just a sense memory that is built into my brain. But, I felt an olfactory (sp?) presence of Daddy after I read that verse.

And, suddenly … I did not feel so weak anymore! Because I knew (and know) that it is just his physical presence that is missing. So much more of his essence remains with and in all of us who loved him in so many, many ways.

So, let us celebrate and toast our memories of Daddy, and experience with him. I detest the overuse of the word “Blessing” in today’s world. It is used so much that it is diluted and too well-worn. But, what a blessing to have had this FANTASTIC Daddy.

I also want to say "Thank You" to my mom, for having the good sense to choose this man for her husband and the father of her children. What a smart young couple they were to choose each other for life mates!
For those of you with fathers who are alive and whose physical presence you can see, feel and be with. Be with your Dad. Enjoy him. Be thankful. Hold that big, strong hand while you still can.


Stephanie said...


I understand completely how you feel. My dad died on 4/4/01 & I still miss him every day, but especially on days like his birthday. And that first year is so hard. I'm sending some hugs your way.


The Zucco Family said...

Holly -

How significant! I was so struck with the fact that your father's birthday was on 1/7 and you opened your Bible to the First Gospel 7th chap and 7th verse.

I don't look for "coincidences" - don't believe in them. I know it is our Father guiding and nudging us.

I lost my Daddy almost 3 years ago and I still feel his presence. A few months ago, I picked up the phone and dialed his cell phone to share some great news! Yes - he is still with me....I miss him deeply.

Continue Blogging - it is good stuff.

Take care, Honour

Michelle said...

I ran across your blog while doing some "adoption surfing". We are adopting a child from China. Anyway, I lost my Dad 4 months ago, and your post is such a blessing. There are many days when I "want my Daddy here"! There are many times when I want to call him and tell him some piece of good news. I know he is in a better place, but I still want him here! Thanks for blogging about your Dad, it is a blessing!