Friday, February 1, 2008


Here are my 3 daughters' hands (well, representations of 3 of their 6 hands!) that we made out of dough at Christmastime. They are clapping, because I PASSED!

I needed a score of 70% or better to (RE)pass the state's real estate Broker exam, and I got an 81%. I’ll take it! Wa-Hoo!

You take the exam in a secure area where you are not allowed to bring in any personal items. They provide you with a dedicated computer (a dumb terminal that is solely for taking the exam - you can't get to the Internet from it or do any other work from it). You are issued ONE piece of scatch paper (which I had to SIGN and DATE. LOL!) and a pencil. There was a 4 function calculator at each work station. Hmmmmm ... I have used an HP12C for soooooooo long that it is hard for me to step down to a 4 function! LOL! You are allowed 110 minutes to pass the test (74 questions).

It was too funny, because when I was finished, I told the computer and it brought up a screen, “Are you sure you want to end the exam? You have 68 minutes remaining.”

I did NOT want to go back through my answers and start second guessing them and changing them to wrong answers! LOL! So, I told it ENTER and it went to a screen “If you are certain you want to end the exam, type YES in the box below.”


Then, another screen! If you are certain you want your answers graded now, press END on the keyboard (something like that).

So, I finally got out of all that and it took me to a Survey about the process. After THAT, it graded my exam on screen for me. So, before I even went out of The Quiet Room, I knew I had passed with 81%. Yippee!

You know that ONE piece of scratch paper? The one I had to sign and date? I had to turn it back in when I was finished. LOL!

One more step finished on my way to being a Broker/Owner!



My2Blessings said...

YIPPEE indeed :) CONGRATS on passing the exam! And I LOVE the hand ornaments! Have a wonderful weekend.


Diana said...

Love the hand ornaments! We still have our tree and outside lights up. They'll be up until we bring Natalie home from Fuling SWI in Chongqing. Leaving 2/13, returning 2/28.