Sunday, January 6, 2008

Yack Yack Yackity-Yack

OK. So, I've been thinking about this blog and what it is supposed to "do" ... or "be."

What is a Blog anyway? I know it is a "Web Log." But, is that a diary? Ooooooo ... now you all can peek in at my super secret thoughts. My heart's desires. My secret stuff.

Uh huh. Like I would post that stuff here. ha.

OK. Maybe it is a journal? But, do you really want to read my "I went here, ate this, saw him/her, and felt this" type of stuff? Perhaps you do.

But, do people really want to read the Yackity-Yack that runs through my mind and my life?

Am I self-centered enough to think that people will be interested in my ramblings?

Then I think of all the blogs I read and faithfully follow. I love them! Some I have read for 5+ years. Some are complete strangers (wish I knew how to place a link to brainhell's blog here - I will learn). Some are friends (wish I knew how to link to blogs such as Marji's, Stefani/Ammon's, Sharon's, and all the many MANY adoption-related blogs that I follow).

Do I do a mind dump here? If so, how do avoid hurting anyone's feelings? Even when I think I am careful and kind, someone inevitably takes me the wrong way. Do the people who "know me well" really and truly know me so little? Or is it I who do not show them who I truly and honestly am?

Perhaps I will use this blog to ponder. Which is something I do in constant measure.

And, aside from content, how much and how often do I post? If I post a lot, then how fo I fit Real Life into my 24 hours? I often hear people say, "I don't have time for that." Yes you do! You have 24 hours in your day, just like I do. Just as we all do. You CHOOSE not to spend an amount of your time on thus and such. That is fine. But, you do have the time. Perhaps it is the desire that is lacking? How much of my 24 do I want to spend blogging?

ANYWAY -- and how will my readers deal with my rambling off to this side and that? How is one to stay on focus in this format?

And, who is looking in here? It could be anyone. My natural inclination is to speak of my family and my work. But, I don't want to lay my life and it's contents open to everyone under the sun. I have 177 people on another list I maintain. But, I know each 0f those people. I approved their memberships. They have permission to peek at my life. But, here ... any0ne can be watching.

Is it safe? Big Brother --are you out there? Nevermind. I know that you are.

So. I have to decide what to make of this.

When I am working (I am a real estate broker who works from home) and I have clients (I have taken long stretches of time off to add children to our family and to attach with them and raise them - let alone ENJOY them) I try to approach my day as if my clients can see me. Would they approve of my actions and involvements? I never want to List property. I want to SELL property. In this market, that take dedicated efforts!

Those efforts do not (normally) include blogging. LOL!

So. Balance must always be my priority. As it always is.

I will try to give you something interesting. For now -- I will ponder what in the world that might be.

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