Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Tricks for an Old Dog

I really am a Dog. In Chinese New Year terms! Yes, I am 37 now. hahahaha. The animals cycle every 12 years, so I always make that joke. I am 49. :-)

They say that an intelligent person learns something new everyday. I fancy myself an intelligent person. So, I am going to share with you a few of the things I have learned lately. These are supported by photographic evidence, to back my claims. ha

Firstly, having a bare Christmas tree will not bother a cool social worker (hi, Carol!) one tiny bit during a 6 month post placement home visit.

(BTW -- It looks exactly the same as I am writing this. I am considering Carol's advice to add some Chinese New Year ornaments next.)

I also learned that even when you awaken to 6" of fresh snow and cannot make it to Chinese school 72+/- miles away, it is still Swimsuit Weather! (indoors) You will note that May layered her suits for such a chilly day.

I made reference to Beach Blanket Bingo, Gidget, and Frankie and Annette, and had to explain each one. I also got a preview of the 3 blank stares I will get when they are teenagers and I am lecturing them on one thing or another.

Are they cute, or what??

I also learned that if you keep at something, you WILL succeed! I call this "stay on the bus" because when I was about 20 I used to take the bus to work. One VERY SNOWY DAY, I was on the bus and it took about 2 hours to go just a few blocks from my apartment. I decided to get off the bus and go back home for the day. The following day, when I went to work, I got a talking-to from my boss (a little late-20's Spitfire named Courtney). She told me that I should have STAYED ON THE BUS and I would have gotten to work. She just kept telling me throughout the day, "Stay on the bus!" So, not being one to let any funny thing go, I adopted the phrase when I want to voice determination and dedication. If you want to get anywhere in life, you have to STAY ON THE BUS!

I have been faithfully cramming real estate knowledge back into my Old Dog Brain in order to RE-pass the state real estate Broker exam. I am building my own company, but I passed the exam too long ago (1992). I must re-take it. Well, let me tell you -- the things you need to know in order to pass the exam have NOTHING to do with the actual process of listing and selling real estate! So, I took a cram/test prep course on-line in order to place all those useful items back into my brain. I stayed on the bus, and passed 5 practice tests with a score of 90% or better. I am ready to go take the state exam! Stay tuned.

I also learned that you can leave out one of the two sticks of butter in a chocolate chip cookie recipe and the cookies are still GREAT!
Yes, I was a bit distracted by my 3 girls yesterday, as we were home celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Don't you think that chocolate chip cookies, with the blended colors, is a good celebration? We have great reverence for MLK, Jr. in our house. We all know that without him, a multi-cultural family such as ours would not be "normal" or as readily acceptable as we are today. Thank you, Martin Luther King, Jr.!!


debby fernandes said...

The girls in their bathing suits are precious! You certainly have 3
adorable, happy girls.

I've missed your posts, maybe I can keep up this way.

My fathers b'day was 1/8, its been 35 years, but I still miss him. My mom, most of all.

debby fernandes

Julie said...

I love the "bathing beauties" photos...too funny! And Irene's hair is getting so long...they look like they are having a great time together. Thanks for posting and keep us in the loop about your life and your precious girls!

nanchang said...

I had never thought about the connection with MLK. Thanks! Grace can identify him and Rosa Parks in pictures and tell their stories. She has no idea who George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condoleeza Rice are though! :)