Thursday, March 5, 2009

My friend L and her baby-UPDATED!

Update at end of post!

I am nervous and excited today! My friend L will likely have her baby girl, R, today! She is undergoing some tests to see if R is ready to face the world.

L and I met when we were awaiting our first daughters from China. We met on-line in a huge China-adopt community of about 10,000 members! We quickly learned we both lived in the Denver area, and were using the same adoption agency; and we met and became fast friends. We hoped, beyond hope, that we would travel together to get our babies, knowing this was unlikely!

Match Day came and not only would we travel together, our babies were from the same orphanage! Wow!

That was the summer of 2001. We each went on to have 3 daughters from the Jiangxi province in China!

Flash to TODAY. After 3 wonderful daughters from China, and two darling step-children, L and her husband are to add their "Ours" ... maybe TODAY!

I am like a cat on a hot tin roof. On pins and needles with excitement!

I cannot wait to be an "aunt" again!

More when I know more.

I am sending prayers for health, strength, bravery, peace, safety and every other wonderful thing for L and R.


UPDATE!! Baby R was born at 5:37pm on March 5, 2009! She weighed 6lbs 3 oz, and was 19" tall. Proud new Daddy D reports that she has lots of hair! L is doing great & so is R! GOOD JOB, GOD!

On a strictly personal note, I am SOOOOO HAPPY to have this wonderful new little person to celebrate on March 5! That date had held another meaning for me decades ago. But, now it is R's birthday! I AM THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


Julie said...

That is a great story! And it gives me hope that at some point finally my day will come to be a mother...I've got to believe the Universe works in amazing ways...(just not always on MY timeframe!)

Best wishes to mom and baby! :)

nanchang said...

I did not realize that both of you have 3 daughters from Jiangxi. Now I feel like I am one daughter behind, but do not have the strength and more importantly the money to go back. I wish I could.

I am so happy for L! What a wonderful story! Does she have a blog? send it to me in email if she does.