Monday, March 30, 2009

Meeting Baby R

It occurred to me that I never posted pictures of when I took May and Janie to meet lovely and sweet Baby R on March 7! She was 48 hours old. R is such a beautiful baby girl! Mom L and Dad D are truly blessed to have this wonderful baby.
Each of our children, whether biological or adopted, has arrived in this world as a little baby. It was great to show May and Jane a baby and to open more dialogue about their beginnings. Janie asked if Baby R was born in China! LOL! We also have had MANY talks about birthfamilies, adoption, and personal history - all prompted by the arrival of Baby R! She is amazing in so many ways.

It had snowed that day and the sky was so beautiful as we drove to see them in the hospital. I felt SOOOOOO excited to meet this teeny, tiny person who was SO BIG in this world!
I battled back happy tears as L handed R to me to hold. This baby is an amazing person! Janie and May both were in awe at the sight of tiny baby R. Jane was afraid to hold her, but May opened loving arms to welcome R. She was so tiny and so perfect!
Things have changed since I have visited a newborn in the hospital! She wore a little alarm on her ankle that would shut down the whole hospital if it went off! Very cool.

As we were getting ready to leave the hospital and go back home, R's daddy, big brother and one of her four big sisters showed up for a visit. So, I got to take a few shots of them, too. Aren't they all amazing?? I let Mama L have a short break from my camera lens. She looked beautiful, too (always does!).
Here we are meeting R at the hospital two days after she was born:

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