Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spacebar Musings

At least 6 people have asked me (in various ways) if I am OK. Some have mentioned the lag in my blog postings.

Some know I am on Facebook (if you know my real first and last names - please do not post them to this blog, but look for me on Facebook and add me as your Friend).

I am not un-OK, angry, disappointed, irritated, forlorn, depressed, or any other number of bad attitudes. LOL!

The truth is -- my spacebar was stuck. LOL! I cleaned out my keyboard about a month ago and it was fine for a little while. But, it started up again and it was really TIRESOME to have to go back through EVERYTHING I type and add EVERY necessary space. Sigh. So, I got a little more silent. :-) Tell the truth -- wasn't it actually a bit refreshing?? :-)

OK. My spacebar is working perfectly now and I am ready to catch the blog up to date. Stay tuned.


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