Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brady Bunch Musings

My daughters are on a huge Brady Bunch kick. We kept basic satellite TV as one of our very few treats of late. We have a TiVo season pass to the Brady Bunch and the girls can sing the theme song. LOL!

Things I have observed about the Brady Bunch lately:

* So nice to see the oldest brother have the personal self-confidence to dress in the same colors (two tones of purple) as the baby sister

* All the cars in the supermarket parking lot are American classics! I would LOVE to have any one of them!

* Mike and Carol have lots of patience and some very good parenting strategies. I could learn a lot from them.

* Marcia flips her hair ... a lot.

* Jan whines.

* Alice wears a uniform. Why?

* The house is huge, but the 6 kids share two bedrooms.

* Carol does not appear to work outside the home, and yet has a housekeeper.

* The kitchen is daringly stylish (avocado green appliances and orange countertops).
* The kitchen has this strange bricked-in space and I cannot tell if it is a pizza oven?? Firewood storage space?? What??
* There are nearly always multiple pots on the stove, and it must actually function, as there is sometimes steam when a lid is removed.
* Cindy's dresses are too short and cutesy. Even in the really early episodes.

* No matter how many times I see it, I really can't get enough of the parents calling from the bottom of the stairway and the kids all coming running down the stairs to them. LOL!

* Mike has a den. A den. Not an in-home office. A den. Darren Stevens had a den, too. I want a den.

* Mike and Carol give the appearance of being pretty ... um ... active in the bedroom, and yet they have no "Ours." They seem young enough. Maybe Carol knew Mike was gay?

* Six kids shared one bathroom. OK. Now I understand the need for a housekeeper.


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nanchang said...

You are a nut! I always wondered the same things! What is the deal with 2 bedrooms and one bath for all those kids?

At one point Grace had started watching Reba. That show requires LOTS of explanations and I had never seen it.