Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cocoa vs. Chocolate

My girls ask me alllllll sorts of questions, and I answer them all as best I honestly can.

The other day, they wanted to know how chocolate was made. I went into all sorts of details of cocoa beans, butter, sugar, etc., and ended up letting May and Irene (Janie declined) taste cocoa powder. I swear, I laughed SOOOOO HARD!! LOL!

Take a look at these faces and see if you laugh, too.



Lael said...

Ha, ha, I remember when I found the baker's chocolate in the cupboard as a kid - Mom explained it to me but she could tell I couldn't quite believe it so offered me a taste. No pictures but I still remember the taste and it was quite as bad as their faces :D

Mailia's Mom said...

Yep! I laughed. Out loud. LOL

Mailia's Mom

May said...

Dear Mom,
when I tasted the cocoa it was very sour. My taste buds couldent take it.
Your Daughter,