Thursday, February 14, 2008

O Magazine/Suze Orman (financial guru)/Spending Plans/MONEY

I am spreading the word NEAR and FAR about this! Here is a message I wrote to my family and friends. I wanted you all to have it, too. NOTE - you probably CANNOT download this book easily with a Dial-Up connection to the Internet.

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I never buy O magazine (because I dislike the perfume ads, and the myriad of ads for expensive material items and excessive lifestyles that people DO NOT need – the magazine feels very elitist to me. I know MANY people LOVE the magazine! And, that is just great for them.). BUT, I am going to buy the March issue. I just watched yesterday’s Oprah show and she had the FABULOUS Suze Orman on there with her money advice. LOVE HER.

The March issue has financial planning info. I believe there will be “something for everyone.” I shall soon see. :-)

On the show, they had a woman whose husband killed himself 3 months ago and left her with a home and lifestyle of $9300 a month! She had not worked in 12 years. They had 4 kids (all but one under 12 years of age). When he died, she had $72. SEVENTY-TWO DOLLARS. And, a “Spending Plan” (I hesitate calling it that!) of $9300 a month. NO income.

Suze helped her with an estate sale (the stuff she and her husband had accumulated brought in over $13,000! Very cool!), asking her family for help (gifts and NOT loans, support with watching the kids, help finding a new place to live, etc.), and getting a one bedroom apartment for her and the 4 kids. She is looking for a hair-styling job.

It was a show FILLED with hope and truth. I LOVED IT. It was SOOOOOOO inspiring!!

At one point, Suze said, “She will be JUST FINE.’ That was so huge! Suze can be pretty ... um ... plain spoken(!) about people and their CHOICES about money. So, to hear her place faith and total BELIEF in the woman’s future was just HUGE.

OK. Can you tell I needed this show?????????? :-)

ANYWAY – I just wanted to share with you that the March issue of O seems like a good one to CHOOSE to spend a little money on.

ALSO, until 5pm TODAY (Pacific time, February 14 2008) you can download Suze’s book “Women and Money” for FREE from Click on the left side for yesterday’s show, and then scroll down and click on the link to download it. Or, you can try the direct link:

This is SUCH a huge gift to me! It is JUST what I need.

Having had problems with excessive unsecured debt in the past, and now having a STRONG commitment to living on CASH or DEBIT CARD only, I am so in favor of Suze Orman's approach to money. I have recently added a large unsecured debt to my life and it is eating my soul. I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to get my business up and running and get this monkey off my back!! I am VERY committed to living within a Spending Plan that only includes debt with secured items (house and car - when needed. A life with NO DEBT is preferable - but, I am also realistic about today's Economy!).

I cannot wait to read the March issue of O Magazine and read the copy of Suze's book that I just downloaded!

May financial abundance and security be yours.

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