Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oops -- I did it again

(Do you remember that Brittney Spears song? So annoying. My girls have started singing it recently, because they discovered it on the Barbie website. They tell me that Barbie sings it. I think it is "too grown up" for little girls to be singing. Call me a PRUDE, but little girls grow up toooooo fast and are sexualized and materialized TOO much. There. I've said it.)

ANYWAY -- Long time, no blog! Enough of you have emailed me to poke me with your itty bitty cattle prods to GET GOING, already. I hear you.

I have become a serious Facebook addict. I need a 12 step program. It is SO easy and fast. It's like a giant chat over coffee with 200 of your friends.

BUT, I also know that there are many of you here who do not know me anywhere else. So, I will do better at remembering that.

I make you this promise: I will post a series of 10 messages within the next 24 hours. Each message will feature at least 4 photos. How's THAT??!! :-)

Now ... if I forget ... someone please email me and remind me. LOL!



Daisy Martin said...

Thanks, Holly, for clarifying the 36 years (that Ernie has bee married) and for posting your comments on my blog. I loved Ernie's spirit and his wisdom! He is certainly a light in all of this turmoil.

I, too, am a Facebook addict! LOVE IT!!!

Best to you!

Mailia's Mom said...

It's been more than 24 hrs. LOL.

I FB too, but still love checking on my favorite blogs.

Mailia's Mom